Rebekah Luisse piano and singing teacher

Singing Lessons, Vocal and Voice Training - Melbourne

Singing lessons are all about you, and they’re designed to find ways to make your singing easier, more enjoyable and your voice stronger!

Singing is a natural way of expressing yourself, whether it is through something you have written as a singer-songwriter, or through the music of others. Sometimes the emotion or passion we have is not able to fully come through our sound as we would like it to, and that can be frustrating.

Singing lessons can give you confidence and help you to work through those areas of your voice that might be holding you back.

For example, training your voice and learning how to breathe well for singing is very important. The amount of air we take in for singing is different to when we speak; we need a much more powerful breath and learning how to link that to the sound can make a big difference to your voice!

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